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Boating Accidents

LA County Lawyer is your source for Los Angeles Boating Accident Lawyers. If you are a resident of Los Angeles who’s been involved in a boating accident and had suffered serious injuries or trauma as a result, you have legal rights.

Boating is one of the greatest pastimes in California that thousands take part in throughout the year. Sometimes, accidents can occur because of the failure of others. If you have been in a boating accident then you’ll want the proven talent and understanding of a Los Angeles lawyer at LA County Lawyer, our lawyers have the experience in representing victims of sailing accidents.

California has just about 3,400 miles of seacoast and virtually eight thousand square miles of inland water for cruising, fishing, and other water sports. The beautiful waters that flow up and down California’s coast are also home to cruising accidents.

In 2006, according to the California Department of Cruising and Waterways reported that there were 757 reported accidents, wounding 445 people and murdering 42 which caused more than 8.9 million dollars in property damage. The most common accident concerning open speedboats is a collision with another vessel, followed by accidents concerning falls overboard and skier mishaps.

The leading cause of accidents with both personal are watercraft and open motorboats are :

  1. The inattention of the Operator
  2. The inexperience of the Operator
  3. Speeding
  4. Alcohol Abuse

Did you know that if an accident occurs on a boat, California law requires that the boat operator must file an accident report? If the operator is unable to file this report, the owner of the boat is responsible for filing an accident report.

Your accident injuries, if they are the fault of another’s negligence or faulty equipment, you may be entitled to compensation for those injuries.

The lawyers at Los Angeles Lawyer boating accident attorneys have represented numerous clients who were seriously injured while boating, using a personal watercraft or fishing, and have won millions of dollars in settlements for these clients.

Because of the boating accident, your medical bills and loss of wages are recoverable. In addition, your future medical bills and future lost wages can be recovered with reasonable certainty.

Compensation for the ability lost earning is also available. For example, if a carpenter is injured so he or she can no longer work in the field and no longer has the possibility of becoming a foreman, then the foreman’ pay may be recoverable if the carpenter can show he or she had a chance of getting the promotion until the boating accident occurred then you could be compensated.

A victim of a boating accident can be compensated for his or her pain and suffering, for both past and future events. Typically, such figures include compensation for experiencing fear of imminent death or harm, emotional trauma, and physical pain.

With a 99% success rate, our very talented and professional lawyers at LA County Lawyers have handled hundreds of cases and will fight to recover the compensation you deserve from your injuries, medical costs, to the agony and suffering you sustained.

We will evaluate each medical injury and pursue injury claims on behalf of “you” the plaintiff.

Our team of experienced lawyers will represent you with the sophistication in legal services you deserve.

Do not hesitate to take action. There are time limitations for filing a boating accident claim in the city of Los Angeles, to schedule an appointment call us at (213) 687-4412.


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