Tucking Accidents


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Trucking Accidents

LA County Lawyer is your source for Los Angeles Trucking Accident Lawyers. If you are a resident of Los Angeles who’s been involved in a trucking accident and suffered serious injuries as a result, you have legal rights.

When truck accidents happen, most trucking companies will send delegates to the accident scene to face accident victims right away following the event, when they are most vulnerable. during this time it’s crucial that you have someone on your side.

Truck accidents involving tractor-trailer trucks often have devastating results. With their large size and freight loads, even a minor accident can leave victims injured or lead to wrongful death.

There are many reasons why a truck accident might happen.

  1. The driver is rushing to meet a tight deadline.
  2. The driver is really tired due to driving for long periods of time.
  3. The driver is stressed and not paying enough attention to other drivers and the road.
  4. It is hard to see blind spots from a large truck.
  5. The driver does not leave enough room between himself and other vehicles.

Whatever the reason may be, our truck injury attorneys at LA County Lawyer have successfully handled thousands of on-the-job injury accidents, serious auto accidents, and tractor-trailer wreck cases throughout the LA county area for many years.

If your truck accident entitles you to worker’s compensation benefits, we will help make sure you receive the best medical care right away. We will then turn our attention towards protecting your rights on your insurance claims.

If your case involves both personal injury and worker’s compensation issues, for example, worker’s compensation/trucking accident, or auto accident/child seat product liability, rest assured that we are prepared to handle each aspect for you.

Let us show you how our team can help your trucking accident or other tractor-trailer injury case come to a successful conclusion.

If you’ve been the victim of truck injury accidents involving cars, tractor-trailers, or on-the-job equipment, contact us via this website or call us at (213) 687-4412 to set up a FREE consultation with one of our Los Angeles Accident Lawyers.

With our sophisticated Legal services our lawyers at LA County Lawyer will represent those who have been seriously injured due to their accident, do not hesitate to take action today.


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