Real Estate Licensing


los angeles real estate lawyers

The Los Angeles Real Estate Lawyers of LA County Lawyer assist in real estate legal matters, whether it’s a claim against the property, including suits against home insurance or business insurance.

For brokers or real estate agents facing issues with licensing in the state of California, contact the criminal lawyers of LA County Lawyer for assistance in post-conviction relief on any past crimes.

Several aspects that a real estate lawyer can assist with are:

  1. Real Estate Agent and Broker Representation
  2. Property Owner Representation
  3. Construction Defects
  4. Failure to Disclose Issues with the Property
  5. Purchase and Sale Disputes
  6. Boundary Actions
  7. Title Actions
  8. Breach of Contract

The Los Angeles Real Estate Lawyers can assist you.

Real Estate Lawyers

For more information about the real estate legal services, please contact the Los Angeles Real Estate Lawyers of LA County Lawyer.

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