Sex Crimes Charges: Forms of Sexual Acts


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A sex crime is a sexual act performed against an individual that is unwanted or forced in nature.

There are various types of sex crimes.

Commonest sex crimes are rape, child abuse, kid porn, sex with animals, prostitution, sexual harassment, and some other forms of sexual acts.

A sex crime can invite harsh penalties in California.

If you’ve been charged with or are being probed for a sex crime in California, you must right away consult a criminal counsel experienced in defending such cases.

There are various penalties for a sex crime in California.

It may include a prison sentence and high fines.  Victim restitution, probation, parole, and support can be the other penalties.  The person may also be registered as a sex offender in the nation’s registry.  In a number of cases, the driver’s license can also be revoked.



A conviction also leads to a large amount of embarrassment, damage to reputation, and a disgraced social life.

Often an individual could be wrongly accused of a sex crime.  You must hire a barrister with experience in getting positive outcomes in sex crime cases so that your case is afforded the best opportunity to spare you from a conviction.

Sex Crimes Charges

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