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Los Angeles Medical Marijuana Lawyers: California Medical Marijuana Charges.

The use of marijuana for medical purposes has gained increasing prominence in California.

Even though the Compassionate Use Act under the provision of California’s Proposition 215 offers protection to individuals for cultivations and possession of marijuana for medical reasons, its use is still banned under federal law.

According to the California safety and health Code 11357, someone found to possess less than 28.5 grams of marijuana can only be fined.  He cannot be arrested unless he hasn’t got a proper identification proof.

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If an individual is located to possess a greater amount than 28.5 grams, he may be arrested immediately and can get a sentence of nearly six months.

An individual found illegally possessing marijuana can be sentenced to 3 years in jail under the California H&S Code 11359.

The illegal transportation, sale, importation, or furnishing of marijuana is forbidden under the California H&S Code 11360 and may invite up to four years in a jail sentence.

Individuals can use, cultivate, and possess the medical marijuana as long as it is commanded by a consultant.

California Compassionate Use Act of 1996, offers 215 permits the use of medical marijuana by individuals doing so under a surgeon’s guidance and advice.

If you’ve been charged with illegal possession of marijuana, you need a counsel experienced in matters associated with marijuana and the most recent developments in state and Fed. level.

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Our attorneys have the necessary data and experience in working with cases in relation to marijuana and can help look after your rights.

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