Embezzlement: Fake Possession of Funds


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Embezzlement is the act of fake possession

-of funds or property which isn’t originally yours.

It is mostly done by the directors, bosses, politicians, and executives who are trusted with a sum of money or property.

Embezzlement can be charged as a  felony or a misdemeanor in California.  The senior operatives of an organization or flesh pressers are customarily charged with the crime of fraud.


If you have been charged with embezzling somebody’s property or money, it’s probable that there is some proof that the embezzled funds or property wasn’t yours.

You must utilize the services of a professional criminal attorney who has got the experience in working with such cases and can understand the minor details of such cases.

Los Angeles Embezzlement Lawyers

  1. In California, an individual convicted of embezzlement can get a huge fine, prison sentence, restitution, probation, community service, or house arrest. 
  2. In California, there are strict laws dealing with embezzlement and you want a legal team having the essential knowledge and experience to work for a positive result for you.

The Law Offices of Ramiro J.  Lluis has been representing Southern Californians in embezzlement cases for over thirty years. 

For an analysis of the embezzlement charges you are facing, contact the Law Offices of Ramiro J.  Lluis for a free consultation. 

Our Criminal Defense lawyers can explain the charges that you are facing, the penalties concerned, and what the likely result will be.


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