Drug Possession: You Could be Charged with Drug Sales as well


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Any person found to be in possession of such drugs can be charged by law enforcement with the crime of drug possession and potentially drug sales as well.  The commonest drugs for which folk is charged are cocaine, marijuana, heroin, PCP, LSD, and ecstasy.

In California, twenty thousand out of 160,000 prisoners are in jail or jail due to drug crimes.  There are multiple drugs that are classified by the governing body as dangerous.

Drug Possession

However, there are many cases in which new drugs or pharmaceuticals are sources of convictions.  Even if you had the drugs for your private use, you could be charged with drug sales as well.

There may be a massive difference in the charges placed against you if you are charged with drug sales as well versus just a possession, so it is essential that you avoid that sort of charge.  It can invite big penalties and even a lifetime jail sentence.

With the use of medical marijuana gathering momentum day by day, the quantity of cases of illegal possession of marijuana is increasing as well.  It creates a massive difference in whether you had the drugs for private use or for sale.

Penalties placed on you rely upon varied factors like the kind of drugs, whether you mean to use it or sell a prior records, and conditions surrounding your case.

Los Angeles Drug Possession Lawyers

If you’ve been charged with drug possession, you should hire a pro and experienced lawyer to help you in the case and make an attempt to get the charges reduced or discharged altogether.  A professional lawyer can help protect your rights and provide the best criminal defense.

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