Domestic Violence Offenses: Involving Domestic Abuse


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Domestic violence charges

-can be filed against a person who is alleged to abuse a partner, kid, or grandparents physically or emotionally.

  1. Domestic violence pertains to crimes involving domestic abuse. These may also include abuse, threats, or depriving somebody of basic human rights.
  2. Domestic makes reference to individuals who are married, living together, or guardians of a child.
  3. Domestic violence should result in a traumatic condition that may involve physical force resulting in either a minor or major injury.

A domestic violence charge may lead to a felony or a misdemeanor depending upon the consequences.

In California, domestic violence cases are handled seriously.

Domestic Violence

In LA County, there are special Domestic Violence prosecutors to deal with such cases.

If you have been charged with Domestic Violence, you want the services of an informed Criminal Defense attorney having the mandatory experience in defending domestic violence cases.

Conviction in such a case may lead to jail time, restitution.  Support, fines, permanent record, and even the loss of child custody or visitation rights.

Domestic Violence is also a crime that will seriously impact adversely a person’s immigration status.

Los Angeles Domestic Violence Lawyers

You must right away hire the services of a seasoned criminal lawyer with a history of handling domestic violence cases.  The Law Offices of Ramiro J.  Lluis have been representing their clients in the defense of domestic violence charges for over 30 years.

If you are facing domestic violence charges, contact the Law Offices of Ramiro J.  Lluis for a free consultation per your case. 


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