Battery Defense: More major offenses in a prison sentence


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The battery is the use of force against another person ensuing in unwelcome damage or dangerous contact.  If you have been charged with battery in California, it may lead to harsh punishments.

The battery is regarded as a misdemeanor in California, however, relying on the seriousness of the harm and circumstances, a battery can be a felony offense.  A battery may cause more major offenses in a prison sentence.

You need the services of an experienced Los Angeles criminal lawyer to test the charges placed against you and protect your rights.

A professional criminal counsel can propose and implement different strategies for the defense of your case :

  1. Absence of intention: If the injuries were made by accident and there wasn’t any target to use force on another person, then it doesn’t qualify as battery.
  2. Self Defense: If you were simply making an attempt to protect yourself from an attack, then it’s not a battery.

If the person hasn’t suffered any injury, then it can’t be charged as a felony.  But if there are injuries, broken bones or cuts, it could be charged as a felony.

Battery Defense: More major offenses in a prison sentence

In California, a battery may spoil your criminal record and put you behind bars for violent crime.  You should immediately consult a knowledgeable and experienced Los Angeles Criminal attorney to investigate your case and make every effort to reach a positive result for you.

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