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Pedestrian Accidents

LA County Lawyer is your source for Los Angeles Pedestrian Accidents Lawyers. If you are a resident of Los Angeles who’s been involved in a pedestrian accident and suffered serious injuries as a result, you have legal rights.

Pedestrians are often hurt when crossing crosswalks. And the expenses associated with head traumas, disfigurements, and spinal cord injuries can be heavy. To guarantee our clients receive compensation proportional to their injuries, our lawyers will consult medical professionals and life care planners before structuring our case. We take into consideration expenses related to surgery, hospitalization, physical treatment, medical equipment, in-home nursing, and lost salary.

Most insurers are often too anxious to decide a case as quickly as possible after a pedestrian accident – before the full scope of an injury is clear. Since it can take months for the severity of the head, neck, or back injury to be made known, claims adjusters may try and convince you to accept a settlement.

Travelers who were hit by a vehicle when walking will often accept a fast settlement, thinking they’ve only suffered minor contusions and only a few sore muscles. After they’ve returned home weeks or months would pass and they would begin to show symptoms of their injuries some of which include; debilitating pain, numbness, loss of mobility, or cognitive impairment. However, if they’ve accepted an offer and signed a legally binding claims agreement, they would be unable to pursue further damages in court.

At LA County Lawyer, our attorneys will handle all communication between you and a claims adjuster to ensure you aren’t taken advantage of or misled into accepting a low-ball settlement offer. Our personal injury attorneys work very closely with investigators when tracking down eyewitnesses, collecting evidence, and reconstructing what happened in the accident. When necessary, we consult medical experts to verify the extent and nature of your injuries, undermining claims on the part of no-fault insurance doctors attempting to downplay the severity of your injuries.

With a 99% success rate, our very talented and professional lawyers at LA County Lawyers have handled hundreds of cases and will fight to recover the compensation you deserve from your accident to your medical costs, loss of wages, and your agony and suffering. We will evaluate your medical injuries and pursue your personal injury claims on behalf of “you” the plaintiff.

Our team of experienced lawyers will represent you with the sophistication in legal services you deserve.

You don’t have to turn a bike accident into a horrible turning point in your life. With our sophisticated Legal services our lawyers at LA County Lawyer will represent those who have been seriously injured, so do not hesitate to take action.

There are time limitations for filing a pedestrian accident claim in the city of Los Angeles, to schedule an appointment call us at (213) 687-4412.

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