Nursing Home Abuse


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Nursing Home Abuse

LA County Lawyer is your source for Los Angeles Nursing Home Abuse and Nursing Home Neglect Lawyers. If you are a resident of Los Angeles who’s has a loved one involved in either a nursing home abuse incident or a nursing home neglect incident and he or she had suffered serious injuries as a result, you have legal rights.

When independent living is no longer an option for your elderly family member, Many families will seek to find a live-in facility that’s dedicated to looking after their loved one. The number of options available will often fall into one of 2 classes: either nursing homes, or managed living facilities.

According to the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA), between one and two million nursing home residents have fallen victim to exploitation, injury, and abuse while residents in the nation’s 17,000 nursing homes. There are several types of elder abuse, including sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, exploitation, abandonment, and neglect.

According to the nation’s Center on Elder Abuse, between one and 2,000,000 nursing home residents have fallen victim to exploitation, abuse, and injury. There are numerous types of elder abuse, including physical abuse, sexual abuse, exploitation, emotional abuse, neglect, and desertion.

Nursing home abuse is a very awful experience that often goes unnoticed. The pain suffered by many elderly persons who find themselves in a neglectful nursing home cannot be imagined. Of course, nursing home neglect can come in many forms.

One of which is sexual abuse, the physical warning signs of sexual abuse may include:

  1. Presence of a sexually transmitted disease
  2. Irritation or itching in or around the genital area
  3. Troubles walking or discomfort when sitting
  4. Bleeding from the anus or vagina
  5. Bruising around breasts, the inner thigh or upper abdomen

Some types of sexual abuse found in some nursing homes will leave little to no visible marks and will include:

  1. A resident inappropriately kissing or touching another’s body.
  2. Pornographic material or taking picture’s of a resident’s nude body, or being shown any type of pornographic material.
  3. A resident is subject to forced nudity.
  4. A staff member or resident telling inappropriate jokes or stories.
  5. Unwanted sexual touching (including, punching, kissing, pinching, or whipping,

If you suspect activity like retirement home abuse in your loved one’s facility, You have full responsibility to your loved one and to other residents to report the facility to the right authorities. If an individual is in a potentially terminal or in immediate danger, you must call 911 as quickly as possible.

Once you have told the authorities, consider talking to a Los Angeles nursing home abuse lawyer and a nursing home neglect lawyer.

Our counsels will help you file a legal action against the offending facility. Not only will your loved one be suitable for monetary compensation for their wounds, but a successful verdict could result in punitive damages that may ultimately punish the facility for its neglectfulness, and result in a loss of license.

With a 99% success rate, our very talented and professional lawyers at LA County Lawyers have handled hundreds of cases and will fight to recover the compensation you deserve from your loved one’s injuries, from medical costs to the agony and suffering of your loved one.

We will evaluate each medical injury and pursue injury claims on behalf of the plaintiff. Our team of experienced lawyers will represent you and your family with the sophistication in legal services you deserve.

Nursing home negligence can cost the life of a loved one. Please share this information and help the millions of families who have suffered from nursing home abuse find the help and support they need. Do not hesitate to take action.

There are time limitations for filing a nursing home abuse claim in the city of Los Angeles, to schedule an appointment with one of our Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyers, call us at (213) 687-4412.

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