Los Angeles Kidnapping Defense Lawyers: The act of kidnapping is the act of forcibly abducting someone against his / her will.  It is of assorted types.  The most typical kinds of kidnapping are aggravated abduction, child abduction, straightforward kidnapping, parental abduction and kidnapping for ransom.


If you’ve been charged with abduction in California, you must contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer with the right data and experience in working with such cases.  In California, kidnapping can invite big penalties and jail sentence relying on the charge placed on you.

Los Angeles Kidnapping Defense Lawyers

A straightforward kidnapping can land you in jail for 3,5 or 8 years.  An aggravated kidnapping can invite twenty years of a jail sentence or more.  An irritated abduction is typically done with the purpose of : abducting a person for ransom using a person as a hostage, sexually abusing someone, or causing injury Threatening someone If you are facing abduction charges in the LA area, contact the  Criminal Defense Law Firm of Ramiro J. Lluis and schedule a  consultation with one of our LA criminal attorneys.

Our kidnapping defense attorneys can discuss the sides of your case and explain the potential penalties you are facing and the likeliness of success in protecting your case.

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